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Thoughts Virtually Spilled
Thoughts Virtually Spilled


A savage desire for strong emotions and sensations burns inside me:

a rage against this soft-tinted, shallow, standardized and sterilized life, and a mad craving to smash something up, a department store, say, or a cathedral, or myself.

Hermann Hesse (via carpethedamndiem)


Marcy Goes Underground

My fears have overflown
into a manuscript of struggle; —-
to trick myself out of the decline,
with a heart that could split the ground with
the weight of its caring,     but unapparent,
                    like quiet fire,

means amassing the reasons to push away
from the safe-lines,

        no longer leaving a trail of damage,
with more liquor store receipts than traces
        of stability

Triumphs seem hollow in comparison
to the light’s rejection;    it is extensive,
                        it is daunting,
                        it is mine,

but it is not a debilitation of desires; I want to secure the good
of me in others,
and feel beyond the malady of misery

Do not quit.

You see, the most constant state of an artist is uncertainty. You must face confusion, self-questioning, dilemma. Only amateurs are confident … be prepared to live with the fear of failure all your art life.

W. O. Mitchell (via futurepharaohs)